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Flash stars in videos on
“If it wasn’t for Jimi Livshitz my dog Flash would have most likely been put down. He used to bite, be afraid of men and was very fearful and aggressive. Now Flash is doing amazing! He just appeared in a video with me on Walmart where we reviewed a new dog toy!”
Loius, an Instagram Celebrity!
Louis is a French Bulldog that has become a local and Internet dog celebrity after graduating our training program. You’ll find him greeting customers and closing deals on the floors of Infiniti of Scottsdale and updating 7,000 followers on Instragram!

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We hate the idea of people giving up on their dogs. Through sharing our training techniques and educating owners, we’ll show the world how much better relationships with their canine friends can be!
Jimi Livshitz has been involved in training dogs for over 27 years starting in Israel and then in the US for the past 13 years. He has apprenticed under some of Europe’s finest trainers and behaviorists. [Read More]
Our focus is on building a strong bond between you and your dog. We aren’t interested in bribing dogs with treats or dominating them into submission. Check out some of our video tips for an idea of how we train our dogs.
We stand behind our training and guarantee reliable results for the life of your dog. Give us a call, day or night, and we’ll be there to help.

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